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August 09 2011
Last year we rented Greg and Carroll's beachfront home in La Paz, Mexico for a 2-week vacation in February. Pelicans cruised along the beach, stood on the sand at the edge of the surf in groups, and when there were fish in the water they would suddenly fold their wings and dive beak first into the water from high in the air. I began to visualize a painting or two and set out with my camera to catch them flying by or standing on the beach. From this my painting "Three Pelicans" materialized months later from my many reference photos.

It immediately became a popular piece, was accepted into a juried show by the Federation of Canadian Artists, and won an Award of Excellence in that show. I've sold several giclee reproductions already, including an 18x48" canvas print (the same size as the original painting) for Greg and Carroll to take back to Mexico. However, once Carroll held it up on the living room wall, she decided it was too small. She sold it to the neighbours and came back with a request for a larger print. And so, with some trepidation, I ordered the largest reproduction of any of my works so far. Carroll wanted the print to measure 3 x 8 feet (36x96") and I believe it took some coaxing to get Greg on side, but eventually we did it and I salute their boldness. Once mounted, that is going to make quite the statement in their home. The pelicans are pretty well life size on this print. For ease of transport, the canvas print is rolled up in a tube that should be allowed as carry-on luggage on their next flight down there. Although four times the surface area of the original painting, there was no noticeable loss of definition or colour so I am very pleased with how it turned out. Could this be the start of more things big?

Pictured below is the print being held out by a couple of the girls in our office. Three Pelicans monster print

Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 09:42
Ann said...
Peter, itís a great painting and congratulations on the Award of Excellence. The print looks like a true quality reproduction. At that life-like size, (wow!) it will be easy to see the fine details, and Iím sure it will make quite an impression on anyone who walks into Greg and Carrollís living room. Aug 10, 2011 03:40