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Blogging away...
Jun 18,2011
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 03:14 Dolores Delgado said...
Boy, Peter, that is a hot subject! I can understand the viewpoints of both sides. If you do what you love (doing it "for yourself", sort of) you will be doing what you love most and hopefully coming from that artist within. Doing it for the money works if you are lucky enough to be doing what sells. Hopefully, we each can find some way of doing both either through, style, use of color, if not at least subject matter. I just returned from an art function benefit for the Armstrong Woods State Park where there is a 1400 year old tree among the many ancient Redwoods. Most of the artists there were selling Giclees, cards and small prints of their works because of the economy. No, they didn’t stop painting what moves them but still were accommodating to the present economy. Actually it all depends on location where you are selling - - there are still buyers out there. And, yes, you are so correct - - it depends on if you need to "earn the money" what your choices will be. Jun 18, 2011 05:48
Peter said...
Thanks for your comments,Dolores. I do believe that to be able to earn a living at your art, first of all you must be a good enough painter. If you are good enough, then I believe it is quite possible to find a good balance between doing what you enjoy while at the same time creating work for which there is a market. It certainly does not need to be an "either or" situation. But any artist, no matter how talented and skilled, that needs to earn his/her living from painting and refuses to accept that the work needs to be marketable, has no business whining about how difficult it is to make a living while insisting they paint only for themselves. Jun 18, 2011 11:40
Ann said...
I guess I could say the same about some of my artwork. That kind of thinking kind of makes me feel better with my lack of sales, but I have the luxury of not relying on sales to live. Yes you have to enjoy your subject matter to create good work, but if people are relying on sales to feed themselves or a family, they’d better produce what the buyers want or they’ll surely find out where the low rental units, charity soup kitchens and second hand stores are located. Jun 24, 2011 07:09
Cam Anderson said...
Peter - your blog "The Hungry Artist" was (as always) well written and thought provoking.

It has inspired me to write a blog entry of my own,intended to help artists with the customers perspective on this issue.

I would be interested in your (and everyone’s)thoughts on my blog entry.
Here is a link to the blog: Art Marketer’s Top 5 key customer-driven necessities to sell art
Thanks for your thoughts,
Cam Anderson Aug 16, 2011 11:54


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