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Blogging away...
Aug 27,2014
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 09:58 Ann said...
Peter, that was a very enjoyable read and I like the title you chose for it. I can picture your dance from your easel and back, by your descrition. I believe you are correct in stating that colour blindness would be helpful in determining values, since colours donít affect your perception of darks and lights, a confusing problem we see with many artists. Iím glad to hear that you are feeling better. Ann Aug 28, 2014 03:43
Vivian said...
Learned a few more things reading your blog. Thanks for sharing about dark and light values and colour interactions in your paintings. I will look back at your paintings today and see if I can look through your eyes. Aug 28, 2014 07:22
Neil Hamelin said...
Wonderful job on your latest painting Peter, and I am glad to hear you are finally feeling better! I canít wait to see your next painting unfold! Aug 28, 2014 08:36
patricia webb said...
Wow, thanks for the paining lesson! Great information. I must say though, what struck me most as I read along was your wonderful way with words. Gorgeous writing. P.W. Iím glad youíre on the mend Aug 28, 2014 12:27
Peter said...
Ann, I really had no idea what Dance of the Seven Veils was until I googled it. I just knew the words from somewhere and remembered them, which is quite the accomplishment for someone who has a hard time remembering his own birthday. Vivian, thanks for checking in and if you learned anything Iím guessing it had to do with why my colours arenít always bang on! Neil, I always appreciate your compliments. And you know the hardest part of this business is coming up with that next painting. Patricia, I am so flattered that a major prize winner in CBCís Canada Reads competition likes my writing. Keep it coming! Aug 28, 2014 01:59

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