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Blogging away...
August 25 2009
Blog, bLOG, blog, BLOG...
No matter how you write or say it, this has to be one of the least attractive words in the English language. But the art marketing experts all seem to feel that this is an essential activity if you want to be taken seriously in this business. And so, having already bravely launched my first website, I am today taking the second cautious step into the modern world and starting my blog page. This will be a sporadic commentary on significant (or, in the view of many, not-so-significant) developments and events in my artistic adventures. There will be random thoughts on the world of art, and potentially even an occasional rant, although I am acutely aware of the dangers of shooting your mouth off in such a public venue only to have it surprise you with teeth imbedded in your arse when you least expect it. As a firm believer in shameless self promotion, I beg your indulgence of my high opinions of my own accomplishments and recommend that they be taken with appropriate grains of salt when encountered. I don't yet know if this blog format allows readers to post responses (you'll have to figure that out yourselves), but if not, you can always respond through my email link. I cherish intelligent, witty, curious, thoughtful, insightful, interesting, flattering (especially flattering) feedback that lets me know someone out there is listening. Idiotic feedback need not apply. And so I declare this blog open, and let the blogging begin!
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 11:07 4 Comments