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Blogging away...
June 03 2010
It is one of the understood rules that when you start a blog on a website like this, you must post fresh material regularly, so my almost 3-month absence makes me feel I owe some sort of explanation to those that don't know and wonder what happened to me (just in case any are wondering).

Without going into all the gruesome details, I suffered a very serious infection as a result of a precautionary routine medical test (that was negative), ending up in hospital for a week, and then taking almost another full month to recover my strength. Needless to say, I got quite behind in my day job responsibilities, and at the same time I fell behind in my painting schedule and all the other work that needed to be attended to in preparation for the Studio Tour season which started two days after I had the last of the tubes in me disconnected. Blogging was well down my list of priorities.

"Flower Market Seller" was half-finished when I got sick, and only now was I able to finish it and get it posted. She still needs a coat of varnish, but that will have to wait as I am already halfway through my next painting and have to get a few more done in order to meet the commitment I made in my proposal for a solo show at The Old School House Arts Centre. The solo show, should my proposal be accepted, would not be until 2011, but I'm not one of those painting-a-day types, and I need to finish another 5 - 8 paintings in the next 6 months or so. Of course, after all that, my proposal may be declined, in which case I'll finally have a stockpile of paintings on hand, something I've never had before.

If there is a silver lining to being so very sick, it is that when you've recovered back to normal, you actually feel like you are way better than normal by contrast. I feel more energetic and more motivated than ever, and I certainly have needed that. Besides having to put the solo show proposal package together, I've made a submission to the Sidney Fine Art Show, and I am now organizing a group show for eight of the studios in our Nanoose Bay Studio Tour group of artists to be held June 25/26. Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to have the studio open to the public most weekends, although there are distractions that can interfere with that intent. Last weekend my friend Mike and I dropped the prawn traps for the first time this season, and hauled up our meagre catch the next day. That blew a good 6 hours of the weekend, but it felt good to get out into the waves and work my muscles until they really hurt. Now I need to exercise those muscles at the easel and am looking forward to making some progress as I have no shortage of subject matter ready for the canvas. So much to paint, so little time!
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 09:15 1 Comments