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Blogging away...
June 24 2012
Although continual improvement is every artist's objective, I am particularly determined to push myself in that direction this year. To that end one of the things I've done is registered to enter a major Canada-wide competition, the Arabella Canadian Landscape Painting competition. I was working on a painting I felt particularly good about and when it had reached a point at which I knew it was good enough not to embarrass me, I paid my entry fee and was committed. It is quite surprising how effectively having paid a $300 entry fee can motivate you to do your best and push your limits. I feel that first painting I have finished for this competition is my personal best, and I am quite pleased with it. I'm entitled to submit three paintings for my fee, and am almost finished the second painting now.

Unfortunately, because the paintings must be submitted without identification of the artist so as not to influence the judging, I can't post these paintings on my website before the competition. The paintings won't be judged until July of next year, so the corner I've painted myself into is that although I'm producing some of my best work, I can't post it publicly for at least a year. However, if anyone out there is curious to see this work, and has no connection to the Arabella competition, send me an email request through this website (bottom of the webpage) and I'll send you a private viewing.

In keeping with my objective to heighten my profile, a couple of weeks ago I opened a Facebook page for my art under my name, and while I'm not yet sure how to take full value of the benefits, if you have a Facebook account, please look me up and let me know if you "like" anything. I understand the site needs some activity before it starts becoming effective. I've painted myself into this corner without fully understanding what I'm supposed to do next.

Taking this "heighten my profile" thing a step further, my work can now be seen at the Island Exposures Art Gallery which has just opened in a new location at 183 West Island Hwy, Parksville, in front of the Beach Club complex. I was finding it virtually impossible to lure visitors down to my studio except during our annual studio tour events so I'm giving my lonely paintings a chance to socialize with the public in the care of gallery owner Craig Carmichael. Now the studio feels lonely, but I'm doing it for the good of my offspring. You can't keep them at home forever.

And still on the program of increasing my participation in the art community, I've volunteered to participate in an ad hoc committee established by the Federation of Canadian Artists for the purpose of determining strategies for increasing sales revenues from the Federation Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver. I thought that my propensity for shameless self-promotion, combined with my decades of experience in the retail/shopping centre world might be useful to the FCA. This could be another corner I've wedged myself into unless I can come up with a valuable report filled with good recommendations.
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 03:35 8 Comments