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Blogging away...
May 16 2013
GOOD THINGS COME... those that wait. Yes, the waiting I was complaining about in my last posting has run its course and paid off.

During a screaming wind storm, inspiration came for a subject to paint for my third and final piece for the Arabella Canadian Landscape painting competition. I'm on vacation at the moment at my Nanoose Bay studio, putting the final touches to the painting. Submissions for the competition have to be in by the end of this month, so the timing is perfect, and the waiting for the competition to get underway is virtually over.

Waiting to find out why I didn't make signature status with the FCA had both good and not-so-good results. The good part was that all three members of the review panel giving advice to applicants that did not make it claimed to have voted in my favour, seemed genuine about liking my work, surprised that I had not been accepted, and after complimenting me on many aspects of my submitted works said they were "grasping at straws" to find anything wrong that might explain the negative votes I received from half the selection jury. Certainly the praise from such established artists made me feel much better, but the fact remains I have no idea where I might have fallen short or what I needed to do different. Under the circumstances, I'm not sure I'll reapply next year as suggested by the review panel because without knowing what was wrong with my submission, I simply don't know what I can do to influence a different outcome next time.

While signature status eluded me, I have been elected to the FCA Board of Directors and get to experience my first Board meeting next week.

Peer recognition may be important, but what really matters is the recognition from art lovers, and I am delighted to report the sale of a major painting (one of my Arabella competition pieces) to a local couple who are serious art collectors. I had the privilege of visiting their home this week and still get goose bumps thinking about the beautiful paintings tastefully displayed throughout the house. Quite humbling to think one of my paintings will be joining that collection. And when I told the buyers I would need their agreement to allow the painting to be submitted for the Arabella competition, they generously agreed to let me keep the painting until it was no longer needed for the competition. Thank you Jay and Liz! Because of the competition, you won't find this particular painting on my website. Meanwhile I have three other sales pending, and I've sold several copies of my new art book, which I have now printed in hardcover version as well.

More good news is that my application to participate in the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver was accepted. Participants are jury selected, so it was especially gratifying that my painter friend Neil Hamelin was also accepted as we intend to share one 10 x 20 ft tent at the show which is during the August long weekend as well as the following weekend. Neil and I shall be there August 2nd 5th only. This is a tremendous opportunity to expose our work to the expected 100,000 visitors to the festival, and I expect we shall both be exhausted at the end of our 4-day appearance.

If anyone is interested in my art book, it is 30 glossy pages, containing 30 of my favourite paintings along with a brief biography, descriptions of each painting, and a bit of a story about why I paint the way I do. It also has pictures of both my studios. They are quite expensive to produce so I am selling them at cost - $40 for the soft cover and $50 for the hardcover, plus shipping. I have no way of showing you what it looks like, but trust me, you would not be embarrassed to have it on your coffee table. Email me if interested.
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 04:12 1 Comments