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Blogging away...
June 22 2013
For the past year I've been working on my three entry pieces for the Arabella Canadian Landscape painting competition. Because the original rules stipulated the entry paintings had to be submitted without identifying signatures in order to preserve anonymity during the judging process, I did not post any of those paintings on this website. But even after that rule was dispensed with, I still preferred not to show my hand, so I have not posted those paintings yet. The competition deadline was June 1st, and now, with the posting of all 334 submitted paintings on, all the cats have been let out of the bag, and my entries are now in the public domain for all to see. First, second, and third prizes are to be determined by a jury, but the People's Choice award ($5,000) is decided by the general public voting online here. Voting is based on a 6-star rating system so you get to rate each painting on its own merits. You get to choose which artists and which paintings you vote on, so it is a simple process that can take just a couple of minutes, or an hour if you want to rate all 334 paintings. There are a lot of very fine paintings to be seen.

I shall not be posting my paintings on this website until everyone has had a chance to vote on them, so to see them you'll need to go to the competition website. Many of you reading this have already voted, so your support is gratefully appreciated. That support appears to have pushed one of my paintings into second place as of the time of this posting, but the ranking changes hour by hour, so please register online and get your votes in as soon as possible if you have not already done so. The winners shall be announced in early August.
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