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Blogging away...
April 13 2019

Although it was always our ultimate goal to live in our Nanoose Bay home full-time and move out of the apartment in Vancouver that we had to live in during weekdays because of our jobs, this year we had the unexpected opportunity to make the move years earlier than we had anticipated. So, here I am, living in paradise, with my office in the boat house studio, listening to the waves crashing on the beach below my windows! Talk about living the dream. <br><br>

At first my employer was reluctant to allow me to become a telecommuter because I think he was concerned I’d spend all my time painting, but the reality is I had no time to pick up the paintbrush for over three months as I got my office organized and my routine settled. Ninety percent of my “day” job is done by email and telephone, so as long as there is a solid internet connection and phone service I can literally do it from anywhere. I still go into the Vancouver office for a day now and again, but that does create a little problem. After 15 years of going to the house on weekends, I’ve become so conditioned that when I now make a round-trip to Vancouver on a Wednesday, the next day feels like the weekend to me. I have to check my calendar to make sure Friday is not Sunday. <br><br>

What has surprised me the most is how much easier it is to get my work done here and how much more efficiently and effectively I can work without all the interruptions and distractions of the office. I’ve finally found the right balance and been able to get back to painting. Yes, I might have time to paint on a Tuesday morning, but my phone and computer are on right beside me, and because the days become just days, and not specifically weekdays and weekends, it is quite normal for me to prepare a document or deal with email correspondence on a Sunday morning. The downside is that there really is no such thing as taking a vacation day because I can always be reached, but that is a small price to pay for the freedom. I am so grateful to my employer for allowing me this opportunity to have my job and my freedom at the same time. <br><br>

In celebration of my new circumstances, I’m giving in to a strong urge I’ve had to paint some big paintings, so currently I’m finishing a 30 x 60” piece featuring a small pod of Orcas underwater, to be followed by two more paintings in that size range. I’m delighted to report that 6 of my 7 Raven series paintings have sold and my appreciation goes out to the buyers, particularly Greg and Carroll, and Troy.


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