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Blogging away...
September 28 2019

Welcome to my new and improved website, patiently redesigned by Peter Newell of MyArtClub. I hope you find it uncomplicated to navigate and effective in its presentation of my work.

You may have noticed that I’ve identified myself as a fine art painter. I remember how awkward I felt when I first called myself an “artist”, so have I crossed the bounds of appropriate humility by now claiming property rights in fine art territory? Will people in the know about such things laugh at my presumptuousness? I often wonder how many other artists experience the paranoia of suspecting that no matter how good they think their work might be, there are people with much more knowledge about such things who find it amusing that anyone would think it was any good at all.

Anyway, the term “artist” is really too vague. Musicians, writers, actors, sculptors and painters are all artists. When I’ve described myself as a painter a surprising number of people assume I’m a house painter. So, for the purposes of clarity and not vanity, on this new website I’m referring to myself as a fine art painter, and as confirmation that I am not overreaching on this claim, I’m delighted to report that two of my most recent paintings – “Above the Clouds” and “Mountain Ravens” – have been jury selected for the Sidney Fine Art Show (October 18-20, 2019). This does not necessarily mean the end of my occasional paranoid suspicions, but it unquestionably helps boost self confidence. Eventually, I hope “fine art painter” will roll off my tongue as naturally as the sun rises every morning.

If you happen to be anywhere near Sidney, B.C. on the weekend after Thanksgiving, check out one of the major fine art events in the province if not the country.


Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 04:55