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Blogging away...
December 30 2019


2019 has been a warp speed year.

Twelve months ago we packed up our Vancouver apartment and moved the final truckload of our belongings to our house on Vancouver Island which, up to then, had been just our weekend and vacation retreat where I also had my painting studio. We are still unpacking, sorting, organizing and culling all the stuff we brought over as well as the stuff that was already here. Too much stuff! Complicating matters, last year we converted the garage into living space, eliminating the only space for storing stuff we had no other place to store. (In the 16 years that we’ve owned the house, our car never saw the interior of the garage).

My employer in Vancouver agreed to let me work from home and so I set up an office in my boathouse studio with a desk, a scanner/printer, my cell phone, and wireless internet connection from the house 70 feet above the boathouse.

Under these circumstances I fully expected to get a lot of painting done. It was not to be. My day job unexpectedly kept me so busy I did not even use up my allotted vacation days. Add to that the endless chores requiring attention around the property on weekends, and I managed to complete only two paintings this year, matching my lowest level of productivity since I started painting 15 years ago.

And so, here I am, on the break between Christmas and the New Year, ending the year in the studio in my pajamas trying to summon up the energy to get started on my next painting, and full of optimism that my productivity will see substantial improvement this coming year now that much of the adjusting and sorting out of the move and lifestyle change has been dealt with. I wish you the same for the coming new year – optimism and substantial improvement in whatever area of your life may benefit from improvement. And enough of this warp speed crap!

Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 02:24 1 Comments