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Blogging away...
Dec 21,2010
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 09:48 Ann said...
Great article Peter. I donít exactly make a living off my artwork, but if it wasnít for print sales, my bank account would be in the red. I wasnít aware that some artists think poorly of other artists who offer prints. Not offering prints makes me think that an artist is either not earnestly interested in selling their art, is too cheap to pay for a professional scan job, or they donít feel that their work is worthy of being copied. Iíll stick with that theory. Dec 22, 2010 06:26
Theresa Chadwick said...
How I can add to this when you said it so completely ..... I totally agree with you. I am flattered when someone asks for a print of any of my work. How many places can my original be enjoyed, and how many places can a print? As always, I thank you for your great blog, your wisedom and your suggestions. Theresa C Winston Salem, NC (Remember me ?) Dec 22, 2010 08:37
Peter said...
Ann, Iíve followed threads on WetCanvas on the subject of giclee reproductions in which, had the participants not been seperated by the world wide web they might have come to blows. As far as Iím concerned, an original painting is just paint on canvas. A giclee print is just a different kind of paint (ink) on canvas. The important things are the subject matter, the composition, the value range, and the colours, all of which were created by the artist.

Theresa, of course I remember you, and Iím delighted that you are reading my blog and commenting. Thanks for staying in touch. Dec 22, 2010 09:30

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