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Blogging away...
Apr 17,2011
Posted by Peter Kiidumae at 04:38 Ann said...
Peter, I, being one of your faithful readers who always enters a comment or two, can imagine the frustration and curiosity of not knowing who reads your blogs. It is encouraging to know that they are being read, even if your readers are darkly hooded, nameless followers. You make an interesting read, often inject humor into your comments and bring up some good points. Nope, no arsehole IMHO. Good luck with the juried FOCA show and your Studio sales this coming season. Ann Apr 17, 2011 04:53
Anonymous said...
Hi Peter: I read your blog, usually when I check my email during a quiet moment at work. However I have never commented, until now. Why do you blog? Are you an "opinionated arsehole"? I think I know you quite well and you are certainly not an arsehole, and although I may not always agree with your opinions, I enjoy your passion for your art work, and blogging is part of this. Some people simply do not like to comment online. Letís see if we can spur them a bit. Iíd rather you didnít combine the words "art" and "business" in one sentence and hereís why. You paint when inspired to do so, or you get an idea from your travels, or someone suggests an idea. Thatís the art part. You donít say to yourself, "I gotta paint a $35,000 painting by buy Lorraine a birthday present ($30,000) and pay the elctricity bill ($5,000)." That would be a business decision. Ok you do decide what to ask for a painting, but surely after you have completed the "art" part. I wanted to comment on the Lions in your last blog, but held off. I donít like it because the focus seems to be on the clouds and not the lions. I know thereís a repetition of shape and itís interesting but my eye went into the clouds almost immediately. Maybe it was painted too fast. Expanding into the Interior decoration market is brilliant. And thatís business. I hope you do well, however stick to your art principles. Iím keeping my eye out for a chapel ceiling for you to paint. Not much money in it though. Your friend, Vlad Apr 17, 2011 05:50
Peter said...
Ann, I know I can count on you to say something nice, and I appreciate it all. Thanks.
Vladimir, obviously I wonít be selling you my "Lions" painting, but I wouldnít want to pay to ship it to you in New Zealand anyway. As for combining "art" and "business", can you think of a better business to be in than one you are passionate about? And with regard to any chapel ceiling that may require painting, Iíd be delighted with the challenge, but given my feelings about religion, the client may not be delighted with the result! Thanks for commenting. Apr 17, 2011 06:21
Anonymous said...
Well, art must truly be in the eyes and the expectation of the beholder. I loved your most recent piece, the Lions in Winter and thought that the clouds not only served as a perfect backdrop but also mimicked the mountains. Good work, Pedro! Apr 18, 2011 06:28
Peter said...
Thanks "anonymous" (Jorge or Juanita?). I happen to think the Lions may be one of my most inspired works and Iím very pleased with it myself. Entered it today into a juried FCA competition and keeping my fingers crossed. Also had a serious enquiry today about buying it, so it is all in the eye of the beholder, and I guess thatís what makes this business so interesting. Apr 18, 2011 07:58

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